Tom Lawrence Opens Up About His Decision to Join Rangers

Tom Lawrence, the Rangers winger, made a move to Ibrox in 2022 that surprised some people around him. He joined Rangers on a free transfer from Derby County, where he had a productive final season, scoring 11 goals and providing five assists.

Despite his previous experience with Manchester United and Leicester City, Lawrence’s first season with Rangers was marred by frustration. He managed three goals and two assists in nine games before suffering an Achilles injury that ruled him out for the rest of the season.

Lawrence mentioned that some people questioned his decision to move to Rangers, particularly those who may not have understood why he chose Glasgow as his next destination.

The attacking midfielder – who can also play in from the left flank – added that Ibrox is simply ‘incredible’, and that he was ‘absolutely gobsmacked’ when he first arrived for talks with Rangers, making his decision there and then.

“A lot of people questioned it, but that didn’t really affect me because I have a strong personality. After a while they figure for themselves why I signed here and that speaks for itself. Rangers are the club I wanted to play for. We have a great run of four home games coming up and we need four big performances. Let’s hear Ibrox bouncing again,” he added.

He believes that these doubters now understand his choice better, recognizing the significance of Rangers as a club. He spoke highly of Ibrox, describing it as “incredible” and expressing his amazement during his initial talks with the club. He cited European football as a significant factor in his decision to join Rangers and emphasized the unique atmosphere and reputation of the club, which he believes may not receive the recognition it deserves in England.

“European football was a big part of my decision to come here in the first place,” said Lawrence. “Also, when you come up from England you get the feeling it’s like no other club. Ibrox is incredible. I don’t think it gets the justice it deserves sometimes, especially from people in England. When I came here I was absolutely gobsmacked, I just wanted to sign straight away.”

Despite the initial doubts, Lawrence remained confident in his decision to join Rangers and expressed his strong desire to play for the club. He mentioned upcoming home games and called for strong performances to get Ibrox bouncing again.