Todd Cantwell Praises Rangers’ Fiery Support and Philippe Clement’s Cautionary Words on Pyrotechnics

Todd Cantwell playfully remarked on the fervor of the Rangers’ supporters, who had to endure a significant delay in the match due to a pyrotechnic display. The Ibrox club secured a resounding 5-0 victory at Dens Park, but it was an eventful evening for fans and players alike.

The match was initially slated to kick off at the standard time. However, unforeseen circumstances disrupted the schedule. Rangers’ team bus encountered heavy traffic en route to Dundee, leading to a significant delay. A statement was issued, explaining the situation: “Tonight’s match at Dens Park will kick-off at 20:30 following severe traffic congestion in and around Dundee. Rangers thank our supporters for their patience, understanding and what will undoubtedly be their fantastic backing this evening.”

Following the eventful match, Rangers’ manager, Philippe Clement, expressed his appreciation for the fervent support but also voiced his concerns about pyrotechnics inside the stadium. Clement acknowledged the changing dynamics between fans and players, emphasizing the positive atmosphere they create. He said, “We feel also the dynamic between fans and players is changing, and it’s because of both sides. The supporters are positive to the players, and the players are doing the right things on the pitch. Those things we need to continue doing and not pyrotechnic things because going inside is not a good thing.”

Clement commended his team for their energetic start to the game, particularly noting Danilo’s effective pressing. He added, “It was good the team started brightly again, but I think everyone will understand that it’s really good to have all this support, all these songs, and all this energy – I love it – but keep the fire outside of the stadium.”

Following Clement’s cautionary words, Todd Cantwell couldn’t resist making light of the pyrotechnic delay. On X, Cantwell posted: “Boys are cooking 💙 Away support as always on fire 😂🔥.” His playful reference to the pyrotechnics highlights the spirited atmosphere generated by Rangers’ passionate supporters, even during unexpected interruptions.