Todd Cantwell Faces Potential Exit from Rangers, Speculates Pundit

Rangers midfielder Todd Cantwell finds himself under the scrutiny of football pundits, with suggestions of a possible departure from the club gaining traction. One such pundit, Falkirk captain Stephen McGinn, has shared his insights into the situation, highlighting the challenges Cantwell has faced in recent weeks due to a lingering leg injury and speculating on the implications for his future at Rangers.

Cantwell’s struggle with a strapped-up leg injury has been a notable factor in his recent performances. The midfielder has alternated between being rested and playing, often exiting the field early to manage his availability. For McGinn, this raises questions about the preferences of Rangers’ manager, Philippe Clement, towards the Englishman. McGinn suggests that the manager may not be a staunch supporter of Cantwell, and this uncertainty could pave the way for significant changes in the upcoming transfer window.

McGinn delves into the possibility that Clement might view the January transfer window as an opportunity to reshape the squad according to his vision. The Falkirk captain speculates that a sale of Cantwell could be on the horizon, serving the dual purpose of freeing up funds and creating space for the manager to bring in players in positions he deems in need of strengthening.

Speaking on GO Radio, McGinn posed the crucial question: “You start thinking does this new manager fancy Cantwell? He’s been in and out of the team, he’s come off at half-time.” McGinn further adds, “I think there will be one or two high-profile casualties in January at Rangers. Who could it be? Could Cantwell be one of them in January in terms of freeing up funds for the new manager? I think he’s going to want to add one or two. I think he’s done a great job, he’s had a great start at Rangers, but I don’t think he’ll be totally keen and settled on the makeup for the squad without wingers. Something is going to have to give in terms of players who want to play in that number 10 position.”