Steven Naismith Has Shed Light on the Uncertain Future of Lawrence Shankland

Steven Naismith has shed light on the uncertain future of the 28-year-old forward. Lawrence Shankland has been presented with a lucrative contract but has yet to put pen to paper.

Speaking on the matter, Naismith expressed the club’s strong desire to retain Shankland’s services, emphasizing their commitment to keeping him at Hearts. However, the manager stopped short of guaranteeing Shankland’s stay beyond the January transfer window.

Naismith stated, “We want to keep Shanks. As a club, we will do all we can to keep Shanks. Everybody here loves him. Everybody wants him to stay. We don’t want to sell him.”

Despite Naismith’s assurances, the situation remains complex, and the player’s decision may be influenced by various factors. Rangers, despite the apparent reluctance from Hearts, could still explore the possibility of securing Shankland’s signature by engaging in discussions with the striker.

The reported contract offer from Hearts doesn’t necessarily seal Shankland’s future, especially if Rangers can present an enticing proposal. At 28 years old, this could potentially be the last significant contract of Shankland’s career, making the decision a crucial one. A move to Glasgow could offer better financial terms and the opportunity to compete for trophies.

In response to the situation, Naismith’s statements, while expressing the club’s desire to retain Shankland, do not rule out the possibility of a move. The dynamics of such negotiations are intricate, and until a player officially commits to a new deal, there remains room for negotiation and persuasion.