Sky Sports Pundit React Live as Clement Driven ‘Crazy’ by Rangers Flop in Hearts Win

In a recent match between Rangers and Hearts, tensions flared on the sidelines as midfielder Jose Cifuentes delayed his substitution, leaving manager Philippe Clement visibly frustrated. Sky Sports pundit Kenny Miller and commentator Ian Crocker provided live commentary on the incident, shedding light on the potential consequences of such delays in a tightly contested game.

The incident occurred on December 6th when Tom Lawrence suffered an injury in the 17th minute, necessitating a quick substitution. However, as Cifuentes prepared to enter the field, he took an agonizingly long two minutes to be ready, infuriating both pundits and manager alike.

Reacting to the delay, Kenny Miller expressed his frustration during the live commentary. Miller emphasized the importance of players being prepared on the bench, stating, “These are the things that drive a manager crazy. He’s got to be ready, have your shin guards on, have your strip on, be ready to go.”

Miller went on to explain the potential repercussions of such delays, emphasizing that a lack of readiness on the bench could lead to losing a goal, losing momentum, or negatively impacting the overall flow of the game. The seasoned pundit painted a vivid picture of the challenges managers face when their substitutions are not executed seamlessly.

Commentator Ian Crocker added another layer to the narrative by suggesting that Clement gave Cifuentes a disapproving look that could “kill” as the Ecuadorian international took his time getting match-ready. Crocker’s commentary at 8:19 pm captured the tension: “Cifuentes doesn’t look to be remotely ready.”