Sky Sports Pundit Convinced Philippe Clement Seeks to Make Tom Lawrence the New Star at Ibrox

Kenny Miller expressed his belief that Rangers’ manager, Philippe Clement, has identified Tom Lawrence as the ideal candidate to become the club’s new star player. Miller emphasized Lawrence’s skill set as a perfect fit for Clement’s preferred style of play.

According to Miller, Clement is seeking a midfielder with the ability to make forward runs beyond the striker and capitalize on opportunities in the box, drawing comparisons to past Rangers legends such as Scott Arfield, Ian Durrant, and Colin Cameron.

Describing Lawrence’s playing style, Miller wrote, “A midfielder who wants to run forward and beyond his striker to get on the end of things. There aren’t too many around anymore.” He highlighted the historical significance of players like Colin Cameron, who excelled in this role for Wolves during Miller’s playing days.

Miller continued to affirm that Rangers have a tradition of such dynamic midfielders, from Ian Durrant to the recently departed Scott Arfield. However, he expressed confidence that Philippe Clement is actively seeking this quality in his current team, and in Tom Lawrence, he has found the perfect fit.

Highlighting Lawrence’s impact in a recent match, Miller pointed out, “When Lawrence got his first start under the new gaffer – he made three runs beyond Danilo up front in the first 10 minutes.” Miller emphasized Lawrence’s willingness and desire to be actively involved in the attacking phase of play, suggesting that this attribute is crucial to Clement’s vision for the team’s success at Ibrox this season.

“I’ve always liked Lawrence as a player but we just haven’t seen the best of him yet at Rangers due to injuries. That might be about to change,” Miller concluded, indicating that Lawrence’s return from injury could mark a turning point in his career with Rangers.