Simon Jordan Reveals Support for Rangers in Title Race, Citing Displeasure with Brendan Rodgers’ Conduct

Simon Jordan has openly declared his support for Rangers in the Scottish Premiership title race, citing his irritation with Brendan Rodgers.

After a weekend of unexpected outcomes that saw Philippe Clement’s side lose to Motherwell and Celtic falter against Hearts, the Scottish Premiership title race has intensified. Rangers now lead by two points, creating a fierce competition for the top spot that has fans on the edge of their seats.

Despite Motherwell handing Rangers their first home defeat under Clement’s reign, Simon Jordan’s focus remains on his disdain for Brendan Rodgers. The talkSport co-host expressed his sentiments, stating, “I’m rooting for Rangers in Scotland. Brendan irritates me. Some of his behavior at Leicester irritated me.”

Rodgers, currently at the helm of Celtic, faced criticism after questioning the competence of officials, particularly VAR John Beaton, following Celtic’s 2-0 defeat to Hearts. A controversial red card and a disputed penalty decision added fuel to the post-match discussion, potentially putting Rodgers in hot water.

This isn’t the first time Simon Jordan has taken aim at Rodgers. In the past, he questioned Rodgers’ decision to consider a return to Parkhead, expressing doubts about the fit and the potential backlash from disillusioned Celtic fans. Jordan previously stated, “I would be surprised if that was a route that either party wanted to go down.”

Jordan has not held back on his assessment of Rodgers, labeling him an “imitation” earlier in the season and favoring praise for Philippe Clement. He remarked, “I don’t think Brendan Rodgers is at it. I think he’s an imitation of himself. The balance of probability still errs on the side of Celtic, but they’re in a battle now.”