Simon Jordan Has Delivered His Verdict After What Graeme Souness Told Him About the New Rangers Manager

The recent appointment of a new manager for Rangers Football Club has generated significant buzz and speculation. In the midst of these discussions, former Crystal Palace chairman and talkSPORT host Simon Jordan shared his thoughts on the matter, influenced by insights from the renowned Graeme Souness.

Graeme Souness, a distinguished figure in football who previously graced the Ibrox Stadium as both a player and manager, offered his take on the new Rangers manager during an interview with Simon Jordan. According to Souness, his preferred choice to succeed Michael Beale was none other than the highly regarded Frank Lampard.

However, Simon Jordan, ever the scrutinizing analyst, remained unconvinced by Souness’s recommendation. Instead, he believed that Philippe Clement, another contender for the role, presented a more promising option. Jordan shared his thoughts on this matter during his talkSPORT appearance, as quoted by Football Scotland.

“I looked at (Clement’s) record, and I thought he had a pretty decent record actually,” said Jordan, highlighting the Belgian manager’s track record as a key factor in his assessment. He continued, “I actually think moving to Rangers is possibly (a step down) in argument terms. Not in terms of the scale of the club but the quality of the league, a little bit of a step sideways if not down.”

Jordan’s emphasis on the quality of the league indicates his belief that Clement’s move to Rangers might not necessarily represent a step up in his managerial career. While Rangers holds a prominent position in the Scottish football scene, the overall standard of the league may not compare favorably to some of the other top European leagues, which Jordan seems to consider.

He went on to challenge Souness’s viewpoint regarding Frank Lampard’s suitability for the role. Souness’s argument for Lampard centered on the former Chelsea manager’s continued hunger and ambition. Jordan, however, raised a crucial question: “So bleeding what? Has he got the capability?” In this statement, Jordan pointed out that the hunger and ambition of a manager may not be sufficient if they lack the essential capabilities to succeed in the demanding role.

In conclusion, the appointment of a new Rangers manager has led to diverse opinions and assessments. Simon Jordan, drawing from the insights shared by Graeme Souness, believes that Philippe Clement, despite taking a possible step backward in terms of league quality, may be the better choice for the club. Jordan’s emphasis on managerial capability over mere ambition adds an intriguing perspective to the ongoing debate, shedding light on the complex dynamics of football management appointments.