Simon Jordan Criticizes Michael Beale’s Excuses for Rangers’ Poor Performance

Simon Jordan did not mince his words when addressing Michael Beale’s comments about his time as the manager of Rangers. Beale, who recently took charge at Sunderland, had attributed his dismal tenure at Ibrox to significant changes within the club. Jordan dismissed these claims, urging Beale to “shut up” and take responsibility for his shortcomings.

Simon Jordan Criticizes Michael Beale

“Oh shut up. Shut up and get on with your job. It’s about your failings, it’s not about change. Those that can overcome, can overcome, if a job is bleeding easy everybody would be doing it.”

“The reason you got the Rangers job is that you were perceived to be capable. Rangers was a big job, it was a big opportunity, you made a fool of yourself up there, you weren’t very good at it, and another guy has gone up there and look what he’s doing with the place.”

Beale’s tenure at Rangers came to an end in October after a series of disappointing performances, including a significant gap behind Celtic in the title race, failure to qualify for the Champions League, and a loss in the Old Firm derby. Despite Beale attributing the struggles to organizational changes, Jordan labeled him a “fool” and emphasized the importance of personal accountability.

Jordan argued, “The reason you got the Rangers job is that you were perceived to be capable.” He pointed out that Rangers is a challenging job, and while there were changes, Beale’s inability to yield positive results reflects on his managerial capabilities.

Tools for Michael Beale’s success were in place

While Beale claimed that the changes at Rangers affected his performance, Jordan and others argue that the tools for success were in place, as demonstrated by the subsequent success of the current manager, likely Philippe Clement. The suggestion is that Beale fell short in getting the best out of the team during his tenure.

In the aftermath of Beale’s departure from Rangers and subsequent appointment at Sunderland, Simon Jordan has criticized Beale for attributing his lackluster performance to organizational changes. According to Jordan, personal accountability is crucial in such high-profile managerial roles. As Rangers look forward to a brighter future under a new manager, Gers supporters can reflect on the challenges faced under Beale and anticipate improved results under the current leadership.