Simon Jordan Calls for a ‘David Murray-Type’ Figure in Rangers Boardroom

Former Crystal Palace owner and talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan has shared his perspective on the current state of affairs within the Rangers boardroom. In his assessment, he believes that a figure akin to David Murray, the former Rangers chairman, is the “missing link” for the club’s success.

David Murray’s tenure at Ibrox was marked by significant achievements, including overseeing a period of dominance for the Light Blues with nine consecutive Scottish league titles. His financial clout enabled him to make marquee signings like Duncan Ferguson for a British transfer record fee of £4 million and Tore Andre Flo for a Scottish record-breaking £12 million in 2000. Murray also brought star names like Paul Gascoigne and Brian Laudrup to the club. However, this era of extravagance came at a steep cost, as the club accumulated millions of pounds in debt. Additionally, a tax controversy tarnished Murray’s legacy, and he eventually sold the club to Craig Whyte, leading to administration and liquidation, which sent Rangers to the bottom tier of Scottish football.

Simon Jordan, who faced his own challenges during his ownership of Crystal Palace, criticized Rangers for what he perceives as a lack of ambition at the highest levels in recent years, particularly in their managerial appointments. This criticism comes as Rangers are in the process of searching for a new manager following the weekend sacking of Michael Beale.

Jordan, who became the youngest chairman of a Football League club at the age of just 32 when he bought the Eagles in 2000, said: “The end for me at Palace was not the way I wanted it to be but I built a football club in 10 years and I did it on my own, I did it under sheer will and it punched above its weight. I didn’t three or four investors alongside me. If I had Rangers and that kind of opportunity and the David Murray period when they were really at it. That was the mentality of David Murray as much as it was the opportunity. They don’t seem to have that in their boardroom right now and that, to me, is the missing link.

“I never had the luxury of the scale of Rangers. Rangers has a scale. Whether I think Scottish football is secondary in terms of its quality is incidental. Rangers is a huge football club and has a scale and the ambition and forward thinking has to start in the boardroom and then it finds itself eventually in the dug-out.

“You’ve got all this irresistible force that Rangers is. This embarrassment of riches that the football club has that I would never have had at Crystal Palace. I was ambitious and constantly wanted to push the team back in the Premier League. I spent tons of money on achieving it and I was always trying to achieve it.

In Jordan’s view, the mentality and ambition exhibited during the David Murray era are what Rangers are currently missing in their boardroom. He draws a parallel with his own experience at Crystal Palace, where he built the club over a decade through sheer determination, without multiple investors. Jordan believes that Rangers, given its scale and potential, should be seeking leadership in the mold of David Murray to propel the club forward.