Scott Arfield Defends Former Rangers Teammates Amidst Criticism

In a recent interview with The Athletic on September 7th, former Rangers midfielder Scott Arfield didn’t hold back when it came to defending his former teammates. Arfield, who recently signed with MLS side Charlotte FC after his contract at Ibrox expired, took a strong stance against the criticism that has been aimed at three of his ex-Rangers compatriots: James Tavernier, Connor Goldson, and Borna Barisic.

Arfield was keen to emphasize the perceived unfairness of the recent criticism directed at the trio, who have played pivotal roles in the Light Blues’ backline over the past five years.

In Arfield’s view, the criticism was not only unjust but also failed to take into account the immense mental strength required to perform consistently at the highest level of football. He highlighted the remarkable resilience and professionalism of James Tavernier, who has accumulated more than 400 appearances for Rangers without missing a beat. Arfield argued that it was essential to recognize the unique mental challenges that professional athletes face, particularly when playing in front of a fervent crowd of 50,000 supporters.

“It’s extremely unfair,” Arfield stated emphatically. “Mentality can come in many ways. Tav has played more than 400 games and never misses anything. Talk about mentality as a professional, how many would crumble at just the thought of going to play in front of 50,000? It’s a completely different thing. If you’re putting yourself on the line every time, then sometimes you’re going to lose.”

In his passionate defense of Tavernier, Arfield underscored the importance of recognizing the mental fortitude and dedication required to consistently perform at the top level of the sport. His words serve as a reminder that behind every criticism and critique lies a complex and demanding world of professional football where the mental strength of players like Tavernier, Goldson, and Barisic should be celebrated and acknowledged.