Ryan Jack Expected to Leave Rangers This Season After Latest Ibrox Injury Development

Derek Ferguson expressed doubts about Ryan Jack’s future at the club due to his persistent injury setbacks. Jack, 32, whose contract is set to expire, might not find himself in the Rangers lineup for the upcoming season, Ferguson suggested.

Ferguson empathized with Jack, acknowledging that the fitness issues plaguing the midfielder were not his fault. He highlighted Jack’s potential as a key player when fit but lamented the recurrent injuries hindering his participation on the field. Ferguson referred to a recent incident where Philippe Clement, Rangers’ manager, had to alter his lineup against Hibernian on March 10 due to Jack’s newly acquired injury during the trip to Benfica.

“I think so. Listen, it’s a shame when you see boys, through no fault of their own, just picking up injury after injury,” Ferguson remarked in an exclusive interview with Ibrox News. “He seems to have an issue. He’s come to a certain age where if you pick up injuries it takes a lot longer to heal.”

Reflecting on managerial considerations, Ferguson noted Clement’s emphasis on player fitness and durability over the course of a season. He acknowledged Jack’s talent but stressed the importance of considering the broader picture when assessing the player’s future at the club.

“So unfortunately for Ryan, and as I say he is a good player, he just looks a bit injury-prone, which is a real shame but sometimes it happens,” Ferguson concluded.

The remarks by Ferguson underscore the uncertainty surrounding Jack’s tenure at Rangers, raising questions about his potential departure at the end of the current season.