Ryan Jack Addresses His Rangers Contract Situation

Rangers face pivotal challenges in the coming weeks, with tests against Real Betis in Seville, the Viaplay Cup final against Aberdeen, and the much-anticipated derby with Celtic. These fixtures will be the litmus test for Philippe Clement, providing insight into the progress made under his management.

Despite the tough matches ahead, Clement has seemingly orchestrated a seamless transition. Even in instances where Rangers’ performance fell short, notably in the league match against Hearts, they found a way to succeed, a testament to the clear guidance provided by Clement. The squad, once adrift under predecessor Michael Beale, now seems revitalized.

Ryan Jack, the midfielder who recently returned to the starting line-up under Clement, offered insights into the manager’s impact. He emphasized the clarity of Clement’s communication, the well-defined player roles, and an insistence on high-tempo, high-energy football. It’s a carefully planned approach akin to a seasoned schoolteacher, avoiding overwhelming the players with too much detail too soon.

“A lot of the time when a new manager comes in, there’s a lot of excitement; it’s a new voice and a new training regime,” said Jack. “He has a vision for us week by week, month by month. It won’t be overnight; he just clicks his fingers, and everything is fine. It will take time.”

Jack, who returned from injury under Clement’s tenure, praised the manager’s strategic approach. Clement outlined his intention to gradually introduce his ideas to the squad, emphasizing that improvement would come over time. Jack highlighted Clement’s brilliance in managing the team’s transition without overwhelming them on the pitch.

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“He said, ‘week by week, we’ll get better, and I’ll get more things across to you,’ but the main thing is that we still have to win in this period — we can’t be using that as an excuse not to win games,” explained Jack.