Ross McCausland Impresses Barry Ferguson with Stellar Performance for Rangers

Rangers’ rising star, Ross McCausland, left a lasting impression on Barry Ferguson during the recent clash against Livingston, earning praise not just for his on-the-ball skills but notably for his commendable attitude and work ethic.

In a stellar display during his first start for the Light Blues at the Tony Macaroni Arena on Sunday, the 20-year-old showcased his abilities, with an unfortunate disallowed goal adding a touch of controversy to an otherwise standout performance.

Barry Ferguson, a keen observer of McCausland’s progress, highlighted the Northern Irish talent’s positive attributes, particularly emphasizing his dedication off the ball. Speaking on the Go Radio Football Show on November 13, Ferguson expressed his admiration, saying, “From what I’ve seen of him so far this season, he looks to me like he’s a grounded young man, and I thought yesterday he brought a lot of directness.”

While acknowledging McCausland’s prowess in taking on defenders and driving Rangers forward, Ferguson drew attention to the less glamorous aspects of the game that often go unnoticed. “What I liked about him was he did the dirty side of the game well, coming back and helping Tavernier on a number of occasions. Overall, delighted to see him be given the opportunity.”

Ferguson was quick to underscore the significance of McCausland’s positive attitude, a trait that sets him apart from many players in his position. “Forget he’s got real good ability, but I love his attitude. He’s got a real ethic about him as well. Normally wide players, they drift in and out of games and they don’t want to get into that side of it tracking back, but he’s certainly showed that.”

As Rangers fans celebrate McCausland’s promising debut, it seems the young talent has not only caught the eye of supporters but also earned the respect of seasoned observers like Barry Ferguson, who recognizes the importance of both skill and attitude in the world of football.