Ridvan Yilmaz Injury News Emerges for Old Firm Derby

Rangers defender Ridvan Yilmaz is racing against time to prove his fitness, as reported by the Scottish Daily Mail on April 4th.

Yilmaz will be given every opportunity until the eleventh hour to demonstrate his readiness. However, if the 22-year-old fails to recover in time, Borna Barisic is set to step into the left-back position.

The potential absence of Yilmaz poses a significant concern for Rangers manager Philippe Clement, as the defender has become an indispensable asset to the team’s defensive strategy. Known for his defensive prowess and adeptness in supporting attacking plays with his pace and overlapping runs, Yilmaz’s absence would undoubtedly be felt on the field.

While Barisic is a capable replacement, lacking the dynamic presence and defensive reliability of Yilmaz, his potential departure at the end of the season further highlights the importance of the Turkish defender to the team.

Clement, already resigned to the departure of Barisic, understands the pivotal role Yilmaz plays in bolstering the team’s chances of victory. Despite the uncertainty surrounding Yilmaz’s availability, Rangers remain the favorites heading into the match.