Rangers Want to Sign Fabio Silva at the End of Ibrox Loan From Wolves

Former Rangers midfielder Derek Ferguson expressed the club’s desire to retain Fabio Silva beyond the current season but highlighted financial constraints that may impede such a move.

Ferguson acknowledged the impressive performance of the Portuguese forward since his loan arrival from Wolves in January, stating, “He’s playing out of position at the moment and doing ever so well.” However, he emphasized the pivotal role of finances in football decisions, noting that Silva’s hefty transfer fee and wages would likely exceed Rangers’ budget.

“Money talks,” Ferguson remarked, addressing the financial aspect of Silva’s potential transfer. “The player himself will feel the love from the Rangers fans, that’s for sure.” He further elaborated on Silva’s integration into the team, suggesting that the player may have realized the magnitude of Rangers as a club during key matches.

“He’s maybe had his eyes opened in terms of how big Rangers are,” Ferguson reflected, alluding to Silva’s performance in crucial encounters such as the match against Benfica. Despite Silva’s evident talent and the desire of Rangers fans to see him stay, Ferguson lamented the likelihood of financial constraints preventing the club from securing his permanent services.

“Would we want him at Rangers? Absolutely,” Ferguson affirmed. “Can we afford him? I don’t think so.”