Rangers’ Transfer Window Prospects Hinge on Yilmaz and Cifuentes, Says Stevie Clifford

Rangers are facing a financial challenge that requires strategic player transfers to boost their funds. Stevie Clifford, a contributor to Four Lads Had A Dream, identifies Ridvan Yilmaz and Jose Cifuentes as crucial assets in the quest to secure additional resources for manager Philippe Clement. This comes in the wake of chairman John Bennett’s suggestion for a shift in the club’s transfer strategy based on the recently released annual accounts.

Discussing the financial outlook on The Rangers Review podcast on November 21st, Stevie Clifford delved into the potential transfers that could shape Rangers’ winter window. He expressed honesty about the limited profitability of certain players, stating, “[Cyriel] Dessers is trying but is ultimately still miles away from where he’s got to be. As harsh as that is, I’m just being honest with what my eyes are telling me and what I’m seeing. So I think nobody will buy Dessers or [Sam] Lammers.”

Continuing his assessment, Clifford highlighted the challenges in selling players like Dessers and Lammers in competitive markets such as Holland and Italy, where they might not fetch the desired transfer fees. He acknowledged the possibility of taking a financial hit on these players.

However, Clifford sees potential in other areas of the squad, suggesting, “But you look elsewhere at where we could raise money in this squad, and I can genuinely see Rangers being willing to trade Yilmaz, someone worth probably three-or-four-million pounds.” He emphasizes the need for realism in the transfer market and the willingness of the club to part ways with valuable assets to facilitate incoming transfers.

In a broader context, Clifford outlines the financial strategy, stating, “We have to be realistic in that if we want to spend money in January, people are going to have to go out first if others come in. Even Cifuentes, if there’s buyers for him.”