Rangers Striker Danilo Faces Extended Absence After Fractured Cheekbone Surgery

Danilo recently underwent surgery for a fractured cheekbone. This setback occurred after Danilo opened the scoring in a weekend match against St Johnstone but was forced to leave the field due to a clash of heads during the game. The injury news has sent shockwaves through the Rangers’ fan base, as the team faces a challenging series of fixtures in the upcoming weeks.

Rangers’ manager, Michael Beale, confirmed that Danilo required surgery for a fractured cheekbone, leaving the Brazilian sidelined for an unspecified duration.

Reports from the Daily Record suggest that Rangers must prepare for an extended period without Danilo’s services. This implies that the player may not return to the pitch until after the international break. The absence of a key summer signing is undoubtedly a significant blow for the club, especially given the upcoming fixtures.

The injury couldn’t have come at a worse time for Rangers, as they are set to face a grueling schedule of six matches. Michael Beale, who faces increasing pressure, must find ways to secure victories in these crucial clashes. The fixtures include encounters against Real Betis at home, Motherwell at home, Livingston at home, Aberdeen at home, AEL Limassol away, and St Mirren away, all scheduled to take place up until 8th October.

Even when Danilo eventually returns to action, it is expected that he will have to wear a protective mask. This precaution is to ensure his safety and facilitate his gradual return to peak performance.

In the midst of his recovery, Danilo took to Instagram to express his gratitude to the Rangers’ faithful for their unwavering support. From his hospital bed, he shared an image from the neurological unit at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, along with a Bible passage from Psalms 121. The post reflects the striker’s positive outlook and determination to return to the pitch as soon as possible.