Rangers Midfielder Todd Cantwell Fires Back at Critics: “Certain People Need to Stay Relevant”

Rangers midfielder Todd Cantwell addressed the recent criticism he’s faced, calling the perception of him “unfair” and suggesting some pundits are using him for their own gain.

Cantwell has been a topic of discussion for both his on-field performance and personality, including a past public disagreement with former Celtic player turned pundit Chris Sutton.

“People can have their own opinions,” Cantwell said. “But I do think it’s unfair, and there are certain people out there that like to jump on it. I understand, up here in Glasgow, you have people who need to stay relevant and stay in the limelight.”

Cantwell acknowledged his playing style can spark debate. “I’m a player that invites conversation, and probably controversy as well,” he admitted. “There’s so much more going on, but it does seem to be highlighted.”

Despite the criticism, Cantwell remains true to himself. “I’d like to be talked about for how I play football,” he said. “But it’s part of the deal, and you just need to move on with it.”

He continued, “It would be easy to be more introverted, but I don’t want to live a lie. The person I am off the pitch is the same person I am on it.”

Cantwell emphasized the passionate nature of Glasgow’s football scene. “People are always going to have opinions, and they’ll differ,” he said. “But I don’t plan on changing for anyone. The people who are important to me know me and are happy with me.”

Todd Cantwell has had a mixed season so far

Like the rest of the team, Todd Cantwell has had a rather mixed season so far. The start of the season was overshadowed by poor form from the English player, who struggled to find his rhythm for a long time. Cantwell was also hit by a few injuries that prevented him from getting into any kind of rhythm.

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Under the new manager, Cantwell also started slowly, but eventually managed to find some good form and show some quality. He has 6 goals and 6 assists in all competitions this season.