Rangers’ Leon Balogun Lauds Philippe Clement’s Demanding Yet Supportive Coaching Style

Rangers’ defender Leon Balogun shed light on the team’s impressive undefeated streak under manager Philippe Clement. The Light Blues have experienced a surge in success, advancing to the knockout stages of the Europa League, clinching the Viaplay Cup, and repositioning themselves as serious contenders in the title race against Celtic.

Balogun emphasized the adaptability required by every Rangers player to assimilate into Clement’s distinctive coaching methods, dispelling the notion that the manager is a “dictator.” Instead, the Nigerian international described Clement as a coach who consistently emphasizes the necessity to uphold high standards.

In a statement reported by the Daily Record, Balogun provided insights into the demanding nature of Clement’s coaching philosophy. “I think he is very demanding in his ways and he is challenging us every day. He has got very high demands,” Balogun remarked.

Acknowledging Clement’s meticulous approach, Balogun clarified that the manager’s high expectations don’t translate into dictatorial behavior. “That is not to say he is some sort of dictator or anything, but he is very meticulous in the way he wants to work and he reminds us in every given moment that we need to keep these standards up constantly, whether that’s in training sessions, in the game at half-time,” Balogun explained.

Describing the perpetual state of alertness within the squad, Balogun detailed how Clement’s coaching style keeps everyone on their toes. “Everybody is constantly on their toes. The way he wants to work is just something everyone has to adapt to, and it is almost automatic when you’re trying to meet his expectations; it just goes up,” he added.