Rangers Legend Barry Ferguson Applauds Philippe Clement for Keeping Everyone On Their Toes

Rangers legend Barry Ferguson shared his admiration for the managerial approach of Philippe Clement, emphasizing the merit-based selection process the coach has implemented. Clement, who took charge of the club last month, has quickly made his mark with four wins in his first five games and a promising upturn in both results and performances.

Ferguson commended Clement’s commitment to a level playing field within the squad, stating, “The biggest thing for me is the energy and commitment, and you only get that winning games of football.” This sentiment reflects the positive impact of recent victories on the team’s confidence and playing style.

The Rangers legend acknowledged that the team is expected to maintain its high standards in the upcoming match against Sparta Prague, highlighting the correlation between the commitment displayed on the pitch and the confidence derived from consistent winning performances.

Clement’s influence on the players was a focal point of Ferguson’s praise, noting that the coach’s approach keeps every player on their toes. Regardless of a player’s status as the main, expensive, or best player at the club, Clement ensures that no one is guaranteed a spot in the starting lineup unless they excel in both training sessions and on matchdays.

“He keeps everybody on their toes, even if you are the main player or the expensive player or the best player at the club, you are not guaranteed to play unless you produce the goods in training and certainly on matchdays,” Ferguson emphasized during the interview.

As Rangers gear up for a crucial home match, aiming to secure a win and bolster their chances of progressing to the knockout rounds of the Europa League, the impact of Philippe Clement’s meritocratic approach continues to be a driving force behind the team’s recent success.