Rangers Hero Allan McGregor Compares Robby McCrorie Situation to His Own

Former Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor has showered praise on current shot-stopper Jack Butland, describing him as ‘top class’ and a ‘great signing.’ Drawing parallels between Butland’s situation and his own experiences at Rangers, McGregor also shared insights into their camaraderie on and off the field.

In a recent interview, McGregor lauded Butland’s performance, highlighting his impressive displays on the pitch. McGregor, a Light Blues legend who retired at the end of the previous season, expressed satisfaction with Butland’s contribution, emphasizing the goalkeeper’s influence on the team’s success. McGregor noted that Butland’s performances have been key to Rangers’ achievements, with the England international emerging as a strong contender for the Player of the Year accolade.

Having hung up his boots at the conclusion of the last season, McGregor welcomed Butland as his successor. The former Manchester United and Crystal Palace goalkeeper has seamlessly filled McGregor’s shoes, showcasing his goalkeeping prowess and making a significant impact within his first six months at the club. McGregor acknowledged his pleasant interactions with Butland, both on and off the pitch, revealing friendly golf competitions between the two.

McGregor shared, “He [Butland] has been very, very good. [From] what I’ve seen, I think he’s been top class and a great signing.” Reflecting on their personal rapport, McGregor added, “I beat him at golf a couple of times since then as well, so, yeah, we get on well. I think it’s just a goalie thing in general, to be honest with you.”

Addressing parallels between Butland’s current situation and his own experiences, McGregor discussed the challenges faced by backup goalkeeper Robby McCrorie. McGregor recalled a similar scenario during his tenure at Rangers, where he had to patiently wait for his opportunity to shine.

McGregor explained, “I was in the exact same position [as McCrorie]. I see that we probably have a very similar age and they brought in Paul Le Guen and signed Lionel Letizi.” McGregor recounted seeking advice from Billy Thompson during pre-season, expressing his eagerness to play. Drawing from his own journey, McGregor emphasized the importance of timing and a bit of luck in a goalkeeper’s career.

He shared, “I mean luckily for me, Lionel [Letizi] got injured, and I got a wee chance. He came back and got injured again, and then that was it. So, I do think there has to be a bit of luck in it – on Robby’s point.”