Pundit Urges Clement to Start Rangers Ace V Benfica as ‘Incredibly Difficult’ Admission Made

Football pundit Steven Thompson has singled out Dujon Sterling as the potential key player for Philippe Clement’s starting lineup.

Discussing the matter on the BBC’s Scottish Football Podcast, Thompson highlighted Sterling’s versatility and recent performances in midfield, emphasizing his physicality and athleticism as valuable assets. Thompson acknowledged the challenging nature of away ties in European competitions, characterizing them as “incredibly difficult.” However, he expressed confidence in Rangers’ ability to triumph over any remaining Europa League opponent at Ibrox during their last-16 tie.

“We know he’s (Sterling) not a winger or a wide player in terms of a real attacking sense, but maybe it’s a good game to play him in that wide area just for a bit more of a defensive-minded player,” suggested Thompson. “He’s obviously very physical as well, very athletic, so maybe his legs will be required.”

Thompson emphasized the significance of a more defensive approach in European clashes, and Sterling’s skill set could prove crucial in this context.

“Away ties in European football are just so incredibly difficult, and obviously there’s a lot of pressure on Benfica to turn around this week that they’ve had and get a positive result, but for Rangers, it’s all about coming back to Ibrox in the tie,” Thompson explained.

The Sportscene host also shared his belief that Rangers would be formidable opponents at Ibrox in the Europa League, expressing less certainty in the Champions League but asserting the team’s strength in their current competition.

“You would fancy Rangers at Ibrox in this competition, maybe not so much the Champions League, but in this competition, you would fancy them at home to beat virtually anybody that’s in it.” Thompson concluded.