Pundit Stunned by What ‘Incredible’ Ross McCausland Did for Rangers v Livingston

In a thrilling match between Rangers and Livingston on Sunday, Kenny Miller found himself in awe of a remarkable performance by Ross McCausland. Despite the Light Blues securing a 2-0 victory, it was McCausland’s denied goal that left a lasting impression on Miller.

Rangers emerged victorious with goals from Cyriel Dessers and James Tavernier. However, the Rangers team believed they should have extended their lead when McCausland executed a powerful finish late in the first half. Unfortunately, his efforts were nullified due to a foul by Adballah Sima in the build-up, leading to the referee’s decision to disallow the goal.

Despite the disappointment of the disallowed goal, Kenny Miller couldn’t help but express his amazement at McCausland’s exceptional skill. Speaking on Sky Sports, Miller commented on the sequence leading to the denied goal and specifically highlighted McCausland’s “wonderful finish.”

“I’ve not seen anything. I’ve seen Sima, who maybe should score who was maybe getting pulled. Then Dessers followed up who should maybe get a clearer shot away. But then I’ve seen a wonderful finish. Take nothing away from this finish from McCausland, it is an incredible finish. Composed, side of the foot right into the top corner of the net, what a way that would have been to open the account.”

While the match will be remembered for Rangers’ overall triumph, the standout moment for many fans and pundits alike was the mesmerizing finish by Ross McCausland. Despite the goal being disallowed, McCausland’s skill and composure have earned him well-deserved recognition, leaving Kenny Miller and others impressed by his undeniable talent on the field.