Pundit Issues Expensive Transfer Verdict Amid Vital John Lundstram Talks

Pundit Michael Stewart underlined the pivotal role played by John Lundstram in the team, describing him as a “vital” component. Stewart emphasized the potential financial ramifications if the midfielder were to depart Ibrox, asserting that finding a replacement for Lundstram would come with an exorbitant price tag and associated risks.

Stewart stated, “Looking to replace someone like that it costs a lot of money, and also then you’ve got to hope that the person settles into the team. He’s a vital part of this side in that crucial area of the park.” Recognizing the challenges that come with replacing a player of Lundstram’s caliber, Stewart highlighted the significance of the Englishman’s contribution to the team.

Amid ongoing contract talks between Lundstram and the Rangers, whose current deal expires at the end of the season, securing a new agreement with the midfielder has become a key priority as the summer transfer window approaches.

Stewart’s assessment of the situation aligns with the broader consensus, making a renewed deal for Lundstram imperative for the Rangers. Despite some differing opinions expressed by Stewart during the game at Easter Road, the consensus remains that Lundstram’s pivotal role in the team demands continuity.

Lundstram, a former Sheffield United player, has become one of Stewart’s favorites in the Rangers squad. Philippe Clement, the Belgian coach, has played a crucial role in rejuvenating Lundstram’s form, consistently utilizing him in various capacities.