Pundit Has Slammed Rangers’ Decision to Sign Fabio Silva on Loan From Wolves

Former Rangers midfielder Graham Dorrans has voiced his disapproval of the recent decision by Rangers to secure a loan deal for Fabio Silva from Wolves. Dorrans suggests that investing in Lawrence Shankland would have been a more prudent choice for the Glasgow-based club.

During an appearance on the Go Radio Football Show, Dorrans expressed his concerns about the temporary nature of Silva’s loan deal: “He’ll be looking at this as an opportunity to come in and score goals and kick start his career because if he wants to go back there and play at Wolves, this is a six-month loan deal with no option to buy which I’m not a big fan of.”

Dorrans further elaborated on his preference for permanent transfers: “I would have liked it to be an option to buy because if he does come up and do well then the Rangers fans and the club will want to keep him.”

Comparing the options, Dorrans emphasized the advantages of a permanent signing, highlighting Lawrence Shankland as a more suitable candidate: “I think the Lawrence Shankland one is a better option in my opinion. If they go for a Shankland and he scores the goals to win them the league, he’s still here next year so you don’t then have to look again at another option.”

Expressing his general stance on loan deals, Dorrans stated, “I would have liked them to get a permanent in, whether that was Lawrence Shankland or somebody else, I’m not a massive fan of loan deals without the option to buy.”