Philippe Clement Surprised by Rangers News Story He Heard on Radio Ahead of Benfica Clash

Philippe Clement has implored both the fans and the media to temper their excitement about the prospect of reaching the Europa League final. Clement emphasized the importance of focusing solely on the immediate task at hand.

Expressing his astonishment at the premature discussions about the final, Clement emphasized that his primary concern is the upcoming second leg against Benfica. He stressed the need to maintain a singular focus on the present rather than getting ahead of themselves.

“It’s still a long, long way to go to think about the final,” Clement remarked, highlighting the importance of staying grounded. “We have to think about Benfica first. We’re only thinking about one game at a time. I just need my players to give their best — qualifying would be an amazing thing.”

Acknowledging the progress his squad has made, Clement labeled qualifying for the next round as an “amazing” achievement. He pointed out that just two months ago, nobody would have believed they were capable of defeating a team of Benfica’s caliber.

“I heard that on the radio and I was surprised that people are thinking about that already,” Clement remarked in an interview with the Daily Record [14 March]. “Nobody would have dreamt about that even two months ago, to qualify against a team like Benfica. So let us focus first on that.”

Clement’s cautious approach reflects his desire to maintain perspective and ensure that his team remains focused on the immediate challenges ahead. With the Europa League journey still ongoing, he is determined to take each game as it comes, steering clear of premature speculation about potential outcomes.