Philippe Clement Subtly Criticizes Michael Beale’s Rangers Euro Squad Choices, Admits Some Stars Will Miss Out

Philippe Clement has confirmed that the team will undergo a reshuffling of three players in their squad list for the upcoming stages of the Europa League. The decision comes as Clement expressed his divergence from the initial squad selection made under the guidance of Michael Beale for the European competition.

Clement openly admitted that he was “not totally aligned” with the choices made in the European list at the start of the season. This divergence has prompted him to make the maximum allowed changes to the squad, acknowledging that some players he personally desires to include will unfortunately miss out.

“I was not totally aligned with how the European list was from the start of the season, so we will only have three changes, and the reality will be some players I would like to have in the squad there will miss out,” stated Clement.

The deadline for submitting the squad for the latter stages of the Europa League was midnight, with Rangers availing themselves of the opportunity to make three alterations from their initial squad list during the group stage.

Touching on the team’s players’ status, Clement emphasized a cautious approach towards Danilo’s return to action, stating, “We won’t risk anything with Danilo, we won’t risk his return for the sake of a few weeks, but he will remain around the squad.”

Additionally, Zak Lovelace is set to return to B team duties before rejoining the first team, with Clement outlining a phased approach to his reintegration after a three-month absence. “He will then progress to some training sessions with us,” added Clement.

As the transfer window neared its closure, Clement addressed potential exits, revealing, “There were players who could have moved on, but they wanted to stay. It shows we have a group who want to be here in this story and achieve something special together.” The confirmation underscores the unity and determination within the Rangers squad as they brace themselves for the challenges ahead in the Europa League.