Philippe Clement Shares What He’s Been Told After Dens Park Verdict as Rain Forecast

Philippe Clement has reassured fans that the upcoming match against Dundee will proceed as planned, despite concerns over the possibility of further rainfall.

The Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL), alongside both participating clubs, officially announced on Tuesday afternoon (16 April) that the match is scheduled to take place at Dens Park on the following day. Following two previous postponements due to adverse weather conditions, all parties involved are optimistic that the third attempt will be successful, following a thorough pitch inspection.

According to BBC Weather forecasts, intermittent rain is expected on the day of the game, particularly leading up to kick-off.

Addressing the media during his pre-match press conference on Tuesday (16 April), Clement expressed confidence in the decision to proceed with the game. He stated, “Those who have decided the game will go ahead are sure it will take place at Dens Park tomorrow.”

Clement further elaborated, “They are aware of the forecast and are sure the pitch will cope with that,” underscoring the assurances provided by officials regarding the playing conditions.