Philippe Clement Opens up on Rangers Appointment

Philippe Clement has been confirmed as the successor to Michael Beale, following extensive discussions between Rangers and multiple candidates. With previous coaching experience at Genk, Club Brugge, and Monaco, Clement brings a wealth of knowledge to the Scottish club. Having secured the Belgian top-flight title on three occasions during his career, Clement arrives at Rangers after a summer departure from his previous position. He is optimistic about the current squad’s potential and their ability to adapt to his management style and tactics, stating, “there is more quality in this team than they are showing at the moment.”

Clement expressed his enthusiasm and confidence in the new role, saying, “I’m really proud, I’m happy. We had some really good talks with a lot of people at the club this last week, with people from the board, with investors, also with some old players.” He further revealed discussions with former Rangers player Thomas Buffel, highlighting the passion and honesty that convinced him to make the sporting choice of coming to Rangers. Clement believes in the club’s potential and the unwavering support of the fans, describing these factors as the driving force behind his decision.

Regarding the team’s current state, he emphasized the need for confidence and a fresh dynamic, saying, “I felt the team needs confidence, needs some new dynamic, so we talked about a lot of things. Things that can be better, things that can be good already.” He also stressed his strong desire to see the team play in front of a packed stadium, something he missed during his tenure at Monaco. “I’m really excited to have my first game at Ibrox,” Clement exclaimed.

Clement’s commitment to success is unwavering, as he stated, “It’s not a pressure [expectation of winning], it’s my life. Nobody can put more pressure on winning than myself. It’s always been the case since I was a small child; I want to win everything I do.” He intends to instill this winning mentality in his players, recognizing the untapped potential within the team.

The new manager acknowledged his past experiences and the importance of believing in oneself, displaying confidence, and working hard to achieve success. “It’s a competitive sport, you need discipline and hard work daily,” he added. Clement aims to build on the rich history of Rangers, focusing on the club’s impressive list of titles. He desires ambitious players who give their best every day, channeling their inner drive.

Clement is well aware that reversing the fortunes of a Rangers team that has already suffered three defeats in eight Premiership matches is no small task. He stated, “I’m a football animal so I have watched all the matches of this season,” underscoring his dedication to the job. He emphasized the importance of teamwork and unity within the club, explaining, “It’s now really important that everyone is focused and not looking too far ahead. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We need to implement how we want to play day by day.”

Clement’s vision for Rangers includes an attacking playing style, with a focus on goal-scoring and dominance while minimizing conceding easy goals. He believes that this style may take some time to develop but promises fluid football and plenty of goals once it clicks. “The qualities are here to do it,” he said confidently. He concluded by appealing to the Rangers family to rally behind the players and motivate them to reach new heights.