Philippe Clement Names the Rangers Player Who Is ‘Growing Game by Game’

James Tavernier showcased his brilliance by scoring two crucial goals at the iconic Hampden Park in Glasgow. His first goal came in the 50th minute, and he later displayed remarkable composure by converting a penalty in the 64th minute. Tavernier’s remarkable performance on the pitch was instrumental in Rangers’ victory.

Looking ahead to the final, Rangers will face off against Aberdeen, and the anticipation among fans is palpable as they eagerly await the grand showdown.

New Rangers manager, Philippe Clement, couldn’t help but praise Tavernier’s impact on the team and emphasize his significance within the squad. In an interview with Rangers’ official website, Clement expressed his admiration for the talented captain: “Tav is growing game by game and he is feeling good in how we want to play. He is leading by example, and I am happy in the dressing room I have a few leaders – and that is important for me.” These words not only shed light on Tavernier’s exceptional leadership qualities but also reflect his evolution as a player under Clement’s guidance.

Tavernier’s stats for the season so far are a testament to his remarkable contribution. In 11 Scottish Premiership matches, he has scored five goals and provided two crucial assists, consistently proving to be a valuable asset for Rangers. This remarkable performance is in line with his impressive statistics from the previous season, where the 32-year-old right-back scored an astounding 16 goals and contributed nine assists in 38 league matches for the Gers.

As Rangers advance to the final of the Scottish League Cup, they do so with their manager Philippe Clement weaving his magic and James Tavernier leading by example. The anticipation for the final showdown against Aberdeen is building, and fans are excited to see if Rangers can clinch another prestigious title under Clement’s guidance.