Philippe Clement Makes Rangers Demand From Every Star With Only One Exception

Philippe Clement has emphasized the importance of collective goal contribution from his team, with an exception made for goalkeeper Jack Butland.

Throughout the season, Rangers’ right-back and captain James Tavernier has showcased remarkable goal-scoring prowess, netting an impressive tally of 21 goals. Additionally, Cyriel Dessers has notched up 16 goals, while January recruits Mohamed Diomande and Fabio Silva have also made notable contributions since their loan signings.

Clement, however, believes that the team should not solely rely on specific individuals for goals. He articulated his stance by stating, “It is important (to have goalscoring midfielders), but don’t expect Dio now to score 30 goals a season. I hope he does, but he has other things to do on the pitch.”

The manager emphasized his desire for a multifaceted attacking approach, stating, “The football I want to play, I want danger to come from everywhere, from all the positions.” Clement stressed that a diverse scoring threat makes it more challenging for opponents to defend against the team effectively. He added, “If the danger only comes from one, two or three players, then it is easier to stop.”

Clement highlighted the importance of versatility within the squad, mentioning that he aims for a team capable of exploiting opponents’ weaknesses by utilizing various players’ strengths. He stated, “I want a team we can use every game to look at where the weak points of the opponent are and where we can exploit them, and you need different qualities for that.”

To instill a collective mindset regarding goal-scoring, Clement revealed that the team participates in finishing exercises involving all players, not just those traditionally considered attackers. He noted, “That is a major thing, I want a sort of total football with everyone involved.”

Despite his emphasis on collective contribution, Clement humorously exempted goalkeeper Jack Butland from the goal-scoring expectations, quipping, “Only Jack, he is the only one who will not score, because I don’t want to be that focused on everybody scoring that he starts to get the penalties or something! That could be a trick to do that, but that is not the idea. And Tav would not be happy I don’t think.”