Philippe Clement Is Set to Make a Decision on the Six Out-Of-Contract Players at Rangers

Philippe Clement is currently facing a crucial decision concerning the future of six out-of-contract players.

According to Dean Jones, Clement is at the helm of a critical decision-making process that could shape the Rangers’ roster in the coming seasons. The six players in question are John Lundstram, Borna Barisic, Ryan Jack, Kemar Roofe, Jon McLaughlin, and Leon Balogun. Jones states that Clement will need some of these players to “stick around,” suggesting that their contributions could be vital to the team’s success. However, he also cautions against retaining all of them, asserting that such a decision might “hold him back.”

Jones emphasizes the importance of player reactions to Clement’s leadership. He believes that if some of these players respond positively to the new manager, they “can have a future” at Ibrox, indicating that their potential can be maximized within the club. On the other hand, for those players who may find themselves “stuck in a bit of rut,” Jones advocates for a different approach – seeking opportunities at other clubs. He highlights that when players face challenges and struggle to find their form, a change of scenery and fresh challenges can often reinvigorate their careers.

Jones quotes himself, saying, “We’ll have to see Clement’s exact philosophy, but he will need some of them to stick around.” He underscores the delicate balance between retaining key players and potentially hindering the team’s progress by holding onto too many. It is crucial to find the right mix that aligns with Clement’s vision for the team’s future.

Jones concludes his analysis with a clear stance, stating, “So, I don’t think Rangers should renew all of these contracts by any stretch of the imagination, but one or two will do well once he comes in.” He highlights the importance of Clement’s influence on the players, suggesting that those who respond positively to his leadership will thrive at the club. However, he firmly asserts, “I’m not sure all of them should. I don’t think that would be a positive.”

At this early stage of Philippe Clement’s tenure at Rangers, it is improbable that he has already made definitive decisions regarding these out-of-contract players. The new manager is likely to provide each player with a fair chance to prove their worth, whether in training sessions or on the field during matches. However, as the seasons progress, Clement will undoubtedly seek to imprint his own style and philosophy on the squad. The upcoming summer may offer an ideal opportunity to reshape the team as contracts expire, allowing Clement to make the necessary adjustments to ensure the Rangers’ continued success.