Philippe Clement Hints Rangers Transfer Plan Is Taking Shape Already

Rangers’ manager, Philippe Clement, has been quick to assert his authority and vision for the team as he prepares for the challenges of the upcoming months. Clement, who is looking to build on the team’s early successes at Ibrox, has praised his players for their performance and adaptability amid an injury crisis. He has also expressed his determination to find ‘solutions’ within the current squad, all while hinting at potential changes in January.

Philippe Clement’s tenure at Rangers has started on a positive note. The team secured a convincing 4-0 victory over Hibernian and followed it up with a hard-fought 0-0 draw against Sparta Prague. Despite acknowledging that the team’s performance was not at its best, Clement drew positives from their resilience and ability to maintain a clean sheet. Speaking about the performance, he said, “We had players who were able to step in, and that is what I expect.”

One of the challenges Clement has faced early in his tenure is an injury crisis. However, he remains unfazed, emphasizing his commitment to building a stronger team. He stated, “I am here to build the team and make them stronger.” The manager highlighted the importance of working hard in the coming weeks and months to address the team’s needs. Clement believes that with the right approach, they can overcome their injury woes and have a successful season.

Clement hinted at potential changes in the squad come January. He acknowledged the need to find solutions to the injury issues and to continue strengthening the team. “With injuries, you need to find solutions,” he said. While not elaborating on the specifics of potential changes, Clement’s focus remains on the team’s improvement and not external distractions.

The manager stressed the importance of hard work, concentration, and focus over the next weeks and months. He intends to work closely with the players on aspects such as fitness, recovery, lifestyle, and technical skills. Clement has already started analyzing the team’s performances, indicating his commitment to continuous improvement. He expressed his belief that with the right players and the right focus, Rangers can have a successful season.

Turning his attention to the upcoming clash with Hearts, Clement is unequivocal in his goal. “Hearts have a few interesting players that I am aware of,” he acknowledged. “But it is going to be a game we want to be dominant in.” Clement’s determination to maintain their winning momentum is evident, and he aims to secure another home win against their upcoming opponents.