Philippe Clement Fumes Over Todd Cantwell Incident as Injury News Emerges

Rangers injury update that revealed Todd Cantwell could be sidelined for a “few weeks,” manager Philippe Clement has expressed his displeasure over the treatment the midfielder received during a match against St Johnstone. Clement not only criticized the opposing players but also voiced his concerns about the refereeing decisions that, according to him, failed to adequately protect Cantwell.

The former Norwich City midfielder was substituted on the hour-mark during the clash with St Johnstone on Sunday, February 18, having been fouled six times in his 60 minutes on the pitch, as reported by FotMob. Philippe Clement, visibly frustrated with the treatment meted out to his player, called for more vigilance from referees to ensure the safety of players.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Record on Monday, February 27, Clement stated, “For sure, it will not have helped. Todd has made a really positive evolution in that way. His attitude is much better in the last couple of weeks.”

Clement acknowledged Cantwell’s development in playing a more composed style and highlighted the need for better protection for his player on the field. “Todd’s always been a player who is really good on the ball but sometimes he’s a little bit too provocative. I’ve spoken with him about that. He’s learned lessons and the moment he started to play more simply, he started to play better too.”

Expressing his concerns about the challenges faced by Cantwell in the St Johnstone game, Clement remarked, “So for sure, in this game, he could have been more protected because there were a few challenges. For sure I remember one in the midfield where he gets (flipped over) and for me, those are always yellow cards.”

However, while critical of the treatment, Clement was cautious not to directly challenge the referees, saying, “But I am not a referee so for sure I’m not going to go in those discussions because I am a coach, not a referee. I don’t think refs need to protect one player more than the other. I think their job is to follow the rules of the game and to help us have a good product of football.”