Philippe Clement Fumes Ahead of Rangers v Hearts Showdown

Rangers’ newly appointed manager, Philippe Clement, is determined to keep his players motivated for their upcoming Scottish League Cup semi-final clash with Hearts, emphasizing that every game is equally important. The Gers, who have enjoyed a four-game unbeaten run since Clement took over from Michael Beale, will face Hearts at Hampden Park on Sunday, November 5.

Clement, who recently stepped into the role of Rangers boss, recognizes the significance of the semi-final and the opportunity it presents for early silverware. However, he refuses to treat it differently from any other fixture, such as their midweek league victory over Dundee. His philosophy revolves around maintaining unwavering motivation throughout the season.

In a statement to the Daily Record on November 4th, Clement made his stance clear, saying, “It does not matter if we play in the national stadium or parking lot – it’s about one thing: winning games. I hate this idea about extra motivation because it’s a semi-final. I want the players to be motivated for everything.”

Clement’s perspective on motivation is grounded in the belief that a team should be driven to perform at their best in every match, regardless of its importance in the context of a competition. He firmly opposes the notion that players should be motivated solely because it’s a chance to lift a cup.

“If I think, ‘Oh, now they’re motivated because it’s a chance to win a cup,’ no, that’s the wrong message. They need to be motivated every day,” Clement asserted.

The manager’s approach highlights the value he places on maintaining a consistent level of motivation among his players, ensuring that they approach each game with the same determination and focus. This perspective reflects his dedication to nurturing a team that strives for excellence in all aspects of their performance.

As Rangers prepare for their Scottish League Cup semi-final, Clement’s philosophy serves as a reminder that, in his eyes, motivation should be an enduring and unwavering force that fuels the team’s success, regardless of the occasion.