Philippe Clement Expresses Disappointment in Lack of Bravery from Scottish Premiership Teams

Philippe Clement has voiced his disappointment in the lack of courage displayed by opposition teams in the league.

Since the Belgian manager’s arrival in October, Rangers have suffered only one defeat, narrowly missing out during a 2-1 loss to their Old Firm rivals on December 30. Now, with an opportunity to level points with Celtic and intensify the title race, Clement is urging other teams to exhibit more bravery when facing his side.

Clement expressed his desire for a more fearless approach in Scottish football. He stated, “For me, what I want for Scottish football is that managers who are coming in are brave to play. There is still a step to make.”

The manager elaborated on his observations during warm-ups, highlighting the technical capabilities of opposing teams. However, he noted a significant disparity when it came to translating those skills into the actual game. “I see in the warm-up sometimes how they are built, how they are technically. Then I don’t see it in the game. I think afterwards it is a little bit of a pity,” Clement remarked.

Clement went on to express his disappointment in the hesitancy displayed by certain teams, emphasizing the contrast between those who take risks and those who shy away from them. “There are teams who do things, and then there are teams who are afraid to do it. I know that people sometimes say it is not possible.”

As Rangers gear up for their pivotal clash with Aberdeen, Clement’s comments highlight a call for a more audacious style of play from the opposition, setting the stage for an intriguing encounter in the Scottish Premiership.