Philippe Clement Explains Rangers Winter Break Workload

Rangers manager Philippe Clement stands apart with his steadfast commitment to continuous work. While many players may take this time to relax and recharge, Clement’s dedication remains unwavering, driven by the demanding December schedule that saw his team play 11 matches in just over a month across various competitions.

Acknowledging the grueling nature of the schedule, Clement emphasizes the importance of his squad recharging their batteries. However, he distinguishes himself by choosing not to adopt the same approach for himself. Even as the winter break provides an opportunity for most to switch off briefly, Clement finds solace in maintaining momentum throughout.

“I don’t like to switch off,” he asserts, reflecting on his distinctive managerial style. “For me, it is not important. My body doesn’t need to do anything any more. And my brain doesn’t explode because of doing that all the time.” This resolute mindset encapsulates his commitment to the sport and his managerial responsibilities.

Despite the break, Clement’s work ethic persists, extending beyond the leisurely respite most managers afford themselves. His dedication transcends the norm, as he plans to continue working diligently before, during, and after the team’s trip to Spain later in the month.

Clement’s focus extends to the imminent January transfer window, where crucial decisions and signings await approval. Unperturbed by the prospect of taking time off, he explains, “I will do things with my family. But I have other things to do. We have a January window to come. So I need to watch players also. I love it and I will do it.”