Philippe Clement Emphasizes Todd Cantwell’s Central Role Following Candid Discussion

Rangers manager Philippe Clement has revealed that Todd Cantwell, who displayed frustration with his performance against Aris Limassol, engaged in a “really clear talk” with the boss before the subsequent triumph over St Mirren on Sunday.

Cantwell, initially positioned on the right wing in the lackluster Europa League match against Limassol, was substituted before half-time. However, in a more familiar central attacking role against St Mirren, Cantwell delivered two crucial assists for Abdallah Sima in a 2-0 victory. Clement indicated that Cantwell will continue to be deployed in various positions.

“I already selected him. For me, his selection was already assured before. We talked about the game on Thursday, and he agreed that he was not doing what he should do. He was frustrated himself about that. So this was the reaction I wanted to see,” Clement explained.

Highlighting the nature of team sports, Clement emphasized Cantwell’s role within the team dynamics. “It’s a team sport. Otherwise, we need to become a tennis player or something! You’re part of a team, Todd is part of a team. We talked about that. We know it’s a better position for him but we also have to look at the other circumstances with all the injuries,” he added.

Clement acknowledged Cantwell’s versatility and contributions in different positions, citing a previous standout performance against Sparta Prague. “He stays available to play on the right side or the left side. About that, we also had a really clear talk.”

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The conclusion emphasizes the need for Clement to prioritize Cantwell’s optimal position, asserting that doing so would benefit the manager, the player, the supporters, and the entire team, as Cantwell’s influence is most evident in a central attacking role.