Philippe Clement Addresses Criticism of James Tavernier from Rangers Fans

Philippe Clement took a stand regarding the ongoing criticism directed at James Tavernier by a faction of the club’s supporters.

Clement emphasized Tavernier’s pivotal role within the team dynamic, asserting, “When things go well, the captain is the ‘main man’, and when things go wrong – you get more stick, that is part of the job, and Tavernier is aware of this.”

The Gers boss highlighted the contrasting treatment players receive based on the team’s performance, illustrating the pressure that comes with leadership roles in football.

The contentious issue has stirred up mixed sentiments among the Rangers faithful, with a substantial segment expressing dissatisfaction with Tavernier’s recent displays on the field.

Clement also hinted at assessing the team dynamics closely in preparation for the upcoming season, emphasizing the importance of players showcasing their mental fortitude during challenging times.

“I will get to know the team better in order to make the best decisions for next season. These are important moments to show as a player what your mentality is,” Clement stated, underlining his commitment to evaluating the squad comprehensively.