Peter Grant Urges Michael Beale to Deploy Todd Cantwell in His Optimal Position at Rangers

In a recent radio discussion on Go Radio, Peter Grant offered some valuable insights into the tactical choices of Rangers’ manager, Michael Beale. Grant emphasized the importance of positioning players correctly, particularly in the case of Todd Cantwell, and suggested that Beale should reconsider playing Cantwell on the right flank.

Throughout the conversation, Grant expressed his concerns regarding the positioning of Rangers’ players this season, stating, “They’re all in the same area of the pitch. That’s what I felt from the start of the season. It didn’t matter how many players Rangers signed; they all seemed to be in the same position.” This observation highlights an underlying issue with the team’s tactical setup.

Grant’s specific recommendation centered on Todd Cantwell, an English midfielder who has shown promise but, according to Grant, is not being utilized to his full potential. Grant urged Beale to rethink Cantwell’s role on the pitch, proposing that the talented player could be far more effective in alternative positions such as the left flank or as a number 10.

Grant elaborated on his point, saying, “It’s very difficult. For me, you look at players and where their best position is. If I’m looking at Todd Cantwell, he plays on the left of a front three or as a 10. I’ve watched him for 10/15 years, and they’re the two positions he plays at his best. When he plays on the right, he can’t go on the outside, but when he comes from the left, he can play a slide rule pass.”

The strategic repositioning of players, particularly someone as promising as Todd Cantwell, could hold the key to unlocking Rangers’ full potential on the pitch. Grant’s advice serves as a reminder of the meticulous tactical considerations that are essential for success in modern football.