Peter Grant in Rangers ‘Paralysed With Fear’ Verdict, Says What Philippe Clement Has to Do at Ibrox

The appointment of new manager Philippe Clement offers a glimmer of hope to lift the mood at Ibrox, but it’s clear that the road ahead will be anything but smooth. As the Scottish League Cup beckons, Clement and his squad face a pivotal moment that could redefine their season.

Despite the gloom surrounding Rangers, there is a ray of hope in the form of the Scottish League Cup. With Celtic already eliminated from the competition, Rangers have a golden opportunity to secure the first trophy of the season. The looming semi-final clash against Hearts on November 5, with the final scheduled for December 17, presents a chance to uplift the spirits at Ibrox.

As Peter Grant aptly put it, “He’s got to win it. It would give everybody a bit of a lift. They aren’t playing with confidence. The boys are paralysed with fear in every mistake they make.” Grant’s assessment is a stark reminder of the immense pressure on the Rangers players and the weight of their own shortcomings.

The road ahead for Philippe Clement is undeniably challenging. He must quickly find a way to breathe life into a squad that has been plagued by inconsistency and a lack of confidence. The players, though talented, appear to be hindered by the fear of making mistakes. Overcoming this mental barrier is as important as tactical adjustments on the field.

Clement will need to inspire his players to handle the immense pressure and keep pushing forward, despite the odds stacked against them.