Nicolas Raskin Has Admitted That His Move to Rangers Was Just a Step in His Bigger Plan

Nicolas Raskin has confessed that his move to Rangers in January was just a stepping stone in his grand plan to eventually make his mark in the Premier League. The Belgian footballer made his transition from Belgian club Standard Liege to Ibrox, marking one of Michael Beale’s initial acquisitions for the Light Blues. Raskin has since shone as a bright spot in a season that has been largely dreary for Glasgow Rangers.

Unwilling to extend his contract in his home country, Raskin opted for a long-term commitment with Rangers, tying him to the club until 2027. However, in a candid interview, he unreservedly expressed his desire to explore other opportunities throughout his football career. Raskin was quoted by Belgian outlet Proximus on October 13, saying, “I’m now at 98 games for Standard, it would be nice to ever round that mark of 100 there. I want to play in the Premier League, but I don’t put myself under pressure. I have a plan in my head, Rangers is just a stage in it.”

While Raskin’s openness about his ambitions may not be music to the ears of Rangers’ faithful, it’s not uncommon for players to view a move to Scotland as a potential stepping stone to European football and a platform for garnering attention from clubs in the English Premier League.

Nevertheless, it is quite unusual for a player to be so forthright about regarding a club as merely a stepping stone, and this candid revelation may not sit well with the Ibrox supporters, especially considering the challenging times the club currently faces.

One silver lining for Rangers is the length of Raskin’s current contract. This extended commitment could prove to be advantageous if Raskin’s aspirations lead him to the Premier League in the coming years. Rangers stand to make a substantial profit on the 22-year-old if interest from English top-flight teams continues to grow.