Michael Beale Speaks Out Live on Sky Sports About Controversy in Rangers 3-3 Draw V Celtic

Michael Beale has voiced his support for the controversial penalty awarded to Rangers. Speaking exclusively to Sky Sports News on Wednesday evening, Beale weighed in on the contentious decision that sparked debates across football circles.

Beale asserted that the officials made the right call in awarding Rangers a penalty during the pulsating encounter. “Alastair Johnston got a nick on the ball, but the Hoops defender caught Fabio Silva on the knee before a VAR check confirmed the decision,” stated Beale, reflecting on the critical moment of the match. He commended referee John Beaton’s judgment, emphasizing the accuracy of the call that saw the penalty spot awarded to Rangers.

The former Gers boss lauded James Tavernier’s execution of the penalty, describing it as “fantastic.” Tavernier’s successful conversion from the spot brought Rangers back into the game, securing a hard-fought 3-3 draw against their arch-rivals at Ibrox.

“I thought a lot of the big decisions in the game were correct from the referee,” affirmed Beale, reflecting on the match’s officiating. “Every time this game is on, there is a lot of controversy around the decisions. But I thought the decisions were correct on the day.”

Delving deeper into the contentious penalty incident, Beale offered his analysis, stating, “This decision, I think is correct. He does get a nick on the ball, but not enough to take it off, and he catches him on the knee. For me, if he doesn’t catch him, then Silva goes on. It’s a fantastic penalty from Tavernier,” he added, underlining the pivotal nature of the call in shaping the outcome of the match.