Michael Beale Reflects on Tenure at Rangers Live on Sky Sports

Michael Beale, the former head coach of Rangers, opened up about his tenure at the club, expressing his surprise at being offered the role and shedding light on the reasons he believes led to his departure.

Beale, who spent just under a year at Rangers, revealed that he was initially taken aback by the offer to lead the team. “I’ve got so much admiration for Rangers and I live in that part of the world as well,” he stated. “It’s a fantastic football club.”

Reflecting on his time at Ibrox, Beale admitted that he may have made some missteps during his tenure. “Going into this season it’s fair to say that we probably disrupted the group too much too soon and there was a lot of turnover of players, and on the outside,” Beale confessed. “But I think Phil Clement has started and done really well.”

Beale’s departure from Rangers came in October 2023, following a poor start to the season, despite overseeing a squad overhaul during the summer transfer window. “I went back in last season. It’s a shock really to be asked to go, because I felt Gio van Bronckhorst did a fantastic job,” Beale remarked.

He also highlighted the impressive performance of Rangers’ arch-rivals Celtic, managed by Ange Postecoglou, which further compounded the challenges faced by his team. “Ange Postecoglou’s Celtic, we were already nine points behind and they were going great guns,” Beale explained.

However, Beale remains optimistic about Rangers’ prospects under their new leadership. “The potential of that group is to go on and win that league. It’s already won the League Cup and I always felt that would come through,” he said.