Michael Beale Has Given Rangers Midfielder a Warning About His In-Game Discipline

In a recent match against PSV, Rangers midfielder Todd Cantwell found himself on the brink of a potential red card, prompting a warning from Rangers Michael Beale regarding his in-game discipline.

The incident in question occurred after Cantwell had already received a yellow card. The midfielder went in for a challenge against Sergino Dest with a forceful tackle that, under different circumstances, might have justified a second yellow card. However, referee Clement Turpin chose not to take further action on the matter.

Throughout the game at Ibrox, Cantwell had demonstrated his prowess and contributed significantly to the team’s performance. Nonetheless, his evening came to an end in the 86th minute when he was substituted. Despite his commendable play, Michael Beale didn’t hesitate to address Cantwell’s actions and caution him about exercising greater prudence in future matches.

Beale emphasized, “I just feel there are times and places where you have to make fouls and tackles and that wasn’t one. He just needs to be careful. He is usually on the end of things like that, so I do like him to show his grit. But this is a new level for Todd. He has not played in Europe in his career, so this is a new level again. He will have learned a lot from tonight as well.”

Beale’s words underscore the significance of maintaining control and making calculated decisions during intense moments in a match. The coach acknowledges Cantwell’s competitive spirit but also underscores the need to channel that energy effectively within the parameters of the game.

The incident serves as a valuable lesson for Cantwell, particularly as he navigates the challenges of playing at the European level. While his commitment and determination are assets to the team, the cautionary advice from Beale highlights the importance of adapting to the demands of a higher level of competition.