Kris Boyd Warns Rangers Against Emulating Celtic’s Transfer Strategy

Kris Boyd has cautioned that the club risks facing significant financial losses if they follow the same transfer strategy as rivals Celtic.

Celtic made headlines on Friday [23 February] after announcing a remarkable £32 million profit before tax in their interim PLC report for the six months leading up to December 2023. Despite the financial success, discontent brewed among Celtic fans due to the club’s perceived inactivity during the January transfer window. In contrast, Rangers actively recruited new players during the same period.

Boyd expressed his views in a column for The Scottish Sun on [23 February], stating, “Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with Celtic’s ‘buy low, sell high’ strategy. The Parkhead board have been battered in the last few months, but it’s been a successful model over the years. The main problem with that strategy is one or two bad windows can be really damaging.”

Highlighting the historical impact of transfer decisions on Rangers, Boyd recalled, “Rangers found that out to their cost a few years ago after winning the league. If they had added a few extra bits of quality, they might have kicked on more domestically.”

Boyd further explained that a series of subpar transfer windows allowed Celtic to surpass Rangers domestically. He emphasized, “Performance levels dipped at Ibrox because some new signings didn’t improve the squad.”

While acknowledging that Celtic’s model is one that Rangers may also adopt, Boyd issued a cautionary note, stating, “Celtic’s model is one Rangers will also use – but if your scouting and judgement isn’t spot on, millions can be wasted.”