Kris Boyd Raises Doubts About Philippe Clement’s Decision to Substitute Todd Cantwell

Philippe Clement’s decision to substitute Todd Cantwell early in the game has ignited discussions and raised questions, particularly from Sky Sports pundit Kris Boyd.

Boyd highlighted the manager’s frustration with Cantwell’s apparent inability to adhere to instructions, specifically emphasizing the player’s deviation from staying wide, as instructed by Clement. The manager, unimpressed with Cantwell’s inclination to move inside rather than maintaining his position on the flank, felt that this adjustment was compromising the team’s width, ultimately making it easier for Aris to handle the situation on the field.

“Clement has had enough of Cantwell! He isn’t messing about. I didn’t think Cantwell was the worst player in the first 35 minutes, but Clement isn’t carrying any passengers,” remarked Boyd during the broadcast, shedding light on the manager’s decisive action.

Cantwell, visibly frustrated on the bench after being substituted, found himself at the center of attention. Boyd’s analysis suggested that, despite the manager’s dissatisfaction, Cantwell might not have been the weakest link in the team during the initial stages of the game.

The substitution brought Ross McCausland onto the field, and it turned out to be a pivotal moment. McCausland went on to score the equalizer in the 1-1 draw at Ibrox, adding an interesting twist to the tactical decisions made by Clement.