Kris Boyd Endorses Potential Rangers Move for Lawrence Shankland to Ibrox

Former Rangers striker Kris Boyd expressed his support for the club’s potential move to bring Lawrence Shankland to Ibrox, emphasizing the value of exploring local talent. Boyd, who has been vocal about Rangers’ transfer strategy, highlighted the need for efficient spending, suggesting that Shankland could offer a more cost-effective solution:

“Looking at it, we’re quite quick to dismiss players in this league sometimes. He’s been over the course and distance in this league, he’s scored goals in this league. For me, I wouldn’t be against it. When you look at the money Rangers have spent in the summer. Would you have got more for your money spending that on Lawrence Shankland? You probably would.”

Boyd questioned the substantial sums spent by Rangers in the summer transfer window and posed a crucial question to the fans: Would they prefer a £4 million investment in Lawrence Shankland over other options like Sam Lammers (£3 million) or Cyriel Dessers (£4 million)?

“I’d like to think that most fans would agree on that one.”

While acknowledging the potential reluctance of Rangers fans to support a £4 million move for Shankland, Boyd argued that the investment could yield significant returns, especially considering the struggles of other recent signings:

“Rangers can’t avoid spending money after the way that it was spent in the summer even if Hearts might play hard ball on any offers. The holes can’t be filled and the problems can’t all be fixed with short-term loan deals. Further investment has to be made.”

Boyd also emphasized the importance of not solely focusing on turning a profit with every player acquisition, acknowledging the frustration surrounding past transfers like Sam Lammers and Cyriel Dessers:

“What also has to be remembered is that not every player has to be able to turn a profit either. It’s frustrating that we won’t see what we paid for Lammers and Dessers back but at least if the reported £3m was paid for Shankland, as Boyd says, you would know what you are getting and there is a reason he is one of many players being linked. Goals.”

In conclusion, Boyd highlighted the pressing need for Rangers to address their goal-scoring challenges, emphasizing Lawrence Shankland as a viable solution to bolster the team’s offensive capabilities:

“And Rangers need someone like Lawrence Shankland to do what too many have been struggling to do this season – put the ball in the back of the net.”