Kris Boyd Delivers Verdict on Rangers-Celtic Title Race as Philippe Clement Sparks Optimism at Ibrox

Kris Boyd shared his insights on the heated competition between Rangers and Celtic for the SPFL title. Boyd also shed light on the positive impact Philippe Clement has had on the atmosphere at Ibrox.

Boyd, observing the recent developments, remarked on the upbeat mood permeating through the Rangers’ camp as they re-enter the title race, with a game in hand over Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic and just three points behind despite their recent Old Firm defeat.

“We can talk about managers and all the work they put in on the training field, but when you start winning games of football, you start getting belief, and that is exactly what Rangers are doing at this moment in time,” explained Boyd on February 8th.

Despite facing a setback at Celtic Park, Boyd highlighted Rangers’ resilience, stating, “They had a bump in the road when they went to Celtic Park and got beat, but they got back on the horse and have gone again.”

Clement’s influence on the team’s morale was a key point in Boyd’s assessment. He emphasized, “Clement talks about turning up at Ibrox and everyone has a smile on their face. Everyone is expecting to win football matches at Rangers, and the fans are right behind the team. They feel something is brewing.”

The former player acknowledged the dynamic nature of the title race and the excitement it brings to Scottish football. Boyd expressed optimism about the ongoing season, saying, “There’s going to be a lot of chopping and changing between now and the end of the season. Twists and turns are going to happen, but the good thing for Scottish football is we’ve got a title race, and we’ve not had it for a while.”

Reflecting on the dominance of Celtic in previous years, Boyd stated, “Celtic have run away with it for years, and Rangers ran away with it when they won it. I don’t think it’s the best Old Firm teams that we’ve seen, but we’re going to have excitement between now and the end of the season.”